Construction Employee Registration Software


On a construction site – networked technology solutions are often in short supply. However, these days, everyone has a smart phone. Sites need simple and robust solutions so to record site visitors, the U-Visit Contactless Visitor Registration solution is a great fit. Health and Safety is of paramount importance so knowing who is on site when is important. U-Visit requires no infrastructure – simply display the QR code at the site office or visitors entrance to allow anyone to sign in. If they need to sign out a second code can be scanned. All entries and exits are recorded in the U-Visit portal which can be accessed from anywhere by authorised staff.

They can use laptops, tablets and even mobile phones to access this if required. If a site needs to be evacuated and confirmation required, simply sign in to the portal to understand who was onsite at the time of the evacuation and check to ensure that they have left safely. Regular visitors can save a profile on their phone to enable the sign in process to take seconds making it very convenient for them and far faster than pen and paper.

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