Social Care

COVID-19 has had a huge impact on the mental health of those people in homes as a result of the ban on visitors for so long. Now that visitors are allowed again it is important that they are accurately tracked to help to mitigate the impact of any future infections on care homes. For those people that don’t have the track and trace app on their phones (which is a surprisingly large number due to various factors), alternatives for capturing contact details have to be found. This often involves reverting to pen and paper. Furthermore, Social Care providers cannot see those people that have signed in via NHS track and trace which could cause delays in their action if there is an outbreak.

The U-Visit Contactless Visitor Registration system provides an all in one capability for the Social Care sector. The web based system works on a wider variety of phones than the track and trace app and when a visitor is unable to scan the QR code for whatever reason, a member of staff can simply register them in the U-Visit portal from a safe distance. For greater convenience, tap and register is available for phones that support NFC – the technology behind contactless payments. Regular visitors can save a profile on their phone to enable the sign in process to take seconds making it very convenient for them and far faster than pen and paper. Visitors can be signed out via the portal or a self service option is available if required. All information is securely stored and available to authorised staff. They can search for people in the portal or simply download a list of visitors over a specified time frame if required.

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