Getting the Country Back to Work After COVID-19

It is just over a year on from the UK entering lockdown on 23rd March 2020. An event that most people believed would be short lived has profoundly changed the world.

Many people have had such limited contact with families, friends and colleagues over the last year. Many new starters have never met their colleagues face to face. Such a situation was unimaginable a year ago. UK Plc hads done its best to adapt whilst science has rapidly produced a number of vaccines that will allow life to return to something like what we were used to

What is clear is that the UK is preparing to go back to work

– children are already back at school and businesses across the country now understand when they can re-open.  But this pandemic is likely to lead to many little changes. Will we continue to wash our hands and sanitise so much more often?  Will a large number of us continue to wear face coverings in crowded places?  What is clear is that public and personal health will be a focus for all businesses as they seek to get back to the new normal. Health and Safety will encompass a wider scope than ever before and practices across business will be revisited.   

Here at U-Visit we have taken a simple process and re-designed it for this new normal.  The common practice of past involving sharing a pen or a tablet no longer feels appropriate or hygienic.  Our visitor and contractor management system can help you to create a great first impression for people visiting your offices. It is contactless, simple, safe and efficient for all involved.  The completely contactless front-desk experience allows your staff to smoothly handle visitors in a friendly and efficient way.

At U-Visit, we believe in simple technology that works – and when we say simple, that is exactly what we mean.  Our system is:

  • Easy to install: the system is cloud based and requires no special infrastructure. Visitors and contractors can sign in on their smart phone and reception can use their normal PC to see the details
  • Quick to set up: We can get you up and running in a matter of hours and all you have to do is print and display a poster with your sign in code on
  • Simple to use:  The interface on our admin portal is so simple that anybody can manage it and front desk staff love its ease of use

We understand that getting visitors back to your premises is an important part of getting back to work again. We are working with schools, social care providers, property managers and businesses of all kinds to help them welcome visitors back and we would like to work with you too to benefit from our simple, safer and smarter contactless visitor and contractor management system. We offer transparent pricing and simple technology that really works, saves you time, and securely provides the safe welcome your staff, pupils, parents and visitors want.

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