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Serviced Offices

Serviced Offices deal with staff and visitors from multiple businesses at any one time. Tracking all these entries and exits can be a challenge. The reception operation needs to run smoothly and efficiently at all times and having a slick check in process is key to this.

The U-Visit Contactless Visitor Registration system provides a range of options for the Serviced Office sector. The web based self service registration system works on a wide variety of phones and when a visitor is unable to scan the QR code for whatever reason, a member of staff can simply register them in the U-Visit portal from a safe distance. For greater convenience, tap and register is available for phones that support NFC – the technology behind contactless payments. Regular visitors can save a profile on their phone to enable the sign in process to take seconds making it very convenient for them and far faster than pen and paper.

There are options to have a single sign in for the office as a whole or for there to be individual sign-in’s for each company. Visitors and staff can also be separated.

All information is securely stored and available to authorised staff. They can search for people in the portal or simply download a list of visitors over a specified time frame if required.

Visitors can be signed out via the portal or using self service by scanning a QR code or tapping an NFC sticker.

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